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Student Achievement

Sonya Bennett
Director of Student Achievement


Dr. Sonya Bennett, Phone (912) 283-8656 Ext. 1136
Director of Student Achievement 


Mrs. Paige Coker, Phone (912) 283-8656 Ext. 1152
Director of Special Projects


Mrs. Lynn Downs, Phone (912) 287-2341
System Instructional Technology Coach 


Dr. Reginna Germano, Phone (912) 283-8656 Ext. 1156
Testing/Professional Learning/Title III Coordinator 


Mrs. Millie Price, Phone (912) 283-8656 Ext. 1139
K-12 System Instructional STEM Coach 


Mrs. Darlene Todd, Phone (912) 283-8656 Ext. 1126
State Reporting/Student Information System Coordinator 


Mrs. Darlene Tuten, Phone (912) 283-8656 Ext. 1134
Information Specialist/Administrative Assistant 

Duties and Responsibilities


Dr. Sonya Bennett 

PK-12 Curriculum

Textbooks and Supplemental Resources

Professional Learning Communities

Instructional Coaches

LKES Principals PK-12

Early Intervention and Remedial Education Programs

RtI Program

Local Testing

Federal Programs Support

Teacher Allocation

Aesop Leave Approval

FTE/ Scheduling/ Maximizing Class Size

Unit Planning and Precision Review

Community Values Comittee Leader

School Council Contact

Site Visit Coordinator

Summer School

After School Tutoring


Mrs. Paige Coker

Strategic Waivers

CCRPI/SWSS Accountability

Instructional Technology

Leadership Development Programs

Policy Support

Public Relations

STEM/STEAM Coordinator

TKES/LKES District Administrator/ Super User

LKES Principals PK-12

Balanced Scorecard

K-12 Gifted Instructional Program

Instructional Budget K-12/ McAleer Approvals

Student Teaching/Practicum Placement

Student Competition and Scholarship Programs

Teacher and Student Recognition Programs

Software Contracts and Licenses

MOUs with Federal, State, and Local Agencies

Google and Schoology Account Administrator


Dr. Reginna Germano

System State Testing Coordinator

Title III/ESOL Coordinator

Professional Development Coordinator

Accountability (School Level CCRPI Support)

Testing Fidelity and Accountability

Media Specialist Coordinator

Media Advisory Committee Leader

State Testing Supports

Georgia Accreditation

SACS Accreditation

Federal Programs Support

Home School Transfers/Intake


Mrs. Lynn Downs

PK-12 Technology Integration

PK-12 Instructional Resources Website

STEM/STEAM Support in Schools

Math Matters

Testing Software Support

Professional Learning


Mrs. Millie Price

K-12 STEM Iniitiative


Mrs. Darlene Todd

State Reporting

Student Information System

TLE Platform District Super User


Civil Rights Data Collection



Mrs. Darlene Tuten

Administrative Support

Textbook Processing


Teacher/Student Competition and Programming Support

TAADRA Support