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Ware County Schools
TeleHealth Global Partnership

Lynn Rivers, Nurse Coordinator

The purpose of bringing TeleHealth to Ware County schools, is to enable families from all socioeconomic backgrounds the same access to healthcare. TeleHelath also helps lighten the load off many families. Many families in our area are not allowed to take many days off from work. TeleHealth provides children with the same care as a normal doctor’s visit would but with less hassle for our parents.

WARE Center Faculty Packet

TeleHealth TeleHealth Services
Frequently asked questions TeleMedicine


· TeleHealth allows the WARE Center to have doctor appointments at the schools through specialized equipment.  This equipment allows school personnel to connect with doctors allowing the doctor to examine the client from a different location.

· Telemedicine allows physicians to examine children who suffer from sore throats, the common cold, ear aches, etc.

· TeleHealth encompasses TelePsychiatry in addition to telemedicine.

· TelePsychiatry appointments include a child, accompanied by a parent or guardian. They meet at the school and communicate through a live feed with a psychiatrist.

 TeleHealth Services

· Care for acute illnesses (i.e., sore throat, earache, colds, rashes, eye infections)

· Minor injuries (i.e., scrapes and muscles strains)

· Management and ongoing care of existing medical conditions (i.e., asthma, diabetes, sickle cell)

· Monthly medication management/ medication maintenance for children with chronic conditions. This does not include children with ADD or ADHD.

· Lab tests (i.e., drawing blood, strep tests, flu screens, urine analysis)


· Professional counseling in regard to nutrition and personal hygiene

· Mental health , substance abuse, and family centered case management

Frequently asked questions 

1. How do I qualify for TeleHealth? If your child attends a Ware County school they qualify.

2. How do I pay for TeleHealth? The same way you pay at any doctor’s office. TeleHealth accepts insurance or  they may offer a sliding fee.

3. Am I required to attend the appointment? Parents are not required to attend a TeleMedicine appointment, but MUST attend a TelePsychiatry appointment.


All 10 schools in Ware County’s school district have at least 1 cart located in the nurse’s clinic. All of our nursing staff have been trained on the operation of the carts, and Ware County Schools are responsible for scheduling appointments for TeleHealth.

  For more information about TeleHealth you may contact the school nurse at your child’s school, or contact the Ware Couty Board of Education at 912-283-8656.