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Special Projects

Paige Coker
Director of Special Projects, Public Relations, and Instr. Technology

Director of Special Projects

The Director of Special Projects manages and directs the design, enrollment, deployment, and governance of the Ware County School System's new initiatives, such as system flexibility through Strategic Waivers, Leadership Development, and the 20/20 Vision.  For more information about the Strategic Waiver School System initiative, please click here


The Director of Special Projects also assists schools with communications needs and promotes open and responsive communication between schools and their respective communities. In addition, the Director of Special Projects directs system branding and messaging, provides important information to stakeholders, and works daily with the media. Our aim is to present a robust communications program that increases understanding of, commitment to, and advocacy for the school district and its mission and goals, as well as to provide confident leadership  in system initiatives. 


The Director of Special Projects also directs and oversees the integration of technology into the classroom, develops technology curriculum, and selects technology-oriented learning and teaching tools for students and teachers. The district's STE(A)M initiative is closely integrated with Instructional Technology. We are dedicated to preparing students for 21st Century workplace careers by providing high quality educational opportunities in science, technology, engineeering, arts, and mathematics fields.