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Goals and Objectives

The Board of Education represents the citizens of Ware County and in this capacity has adopted goals and objectives to bring about desired school system improvement.  The employees and community at large had advertised opportunities to submit their input.  An operational plan has been developed to meet each of the goals.  Evidence of meeting each goal will be noted and those results will provide the means of measuring our progress.

The System Operational Plan was approved July 2006.
The Goals and Objectives were approved July 2016.

The Board of Education and Superintendent will use the goals and objectives to measure the system individual performance.


2017-2018 Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Student Achievement – Develop and implement the 2020 Vision, an innovative, rigorous, and relevant learning environment that challenges all students to attain high academic growth.

Objective 1: Provide digital resources for English Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, K-12 (Pacing Guides, Unit Plans/Assessments). Implement Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Performance Standards.


Objective 2: Emphasize individual student achievement in all academic areas, as measured by state-adopted assessments, as these directly impact the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI).


Objective 3:  Continue implementation of Career Academies at Ware County High School, with an emphasis on academic/CTAE curriculum infusion into career pathways at our middle schools and high school and a K-12 STEAM initiative.


Objective 4: Implement specific instructional strategies based on 'best practices', such as standards-based instruction and Learning Focused Strategies, at each school (K-12) to reduce the performance gap for identified student subgroups in each grade level.


Objective 5: Reduce the achievement gap between subgroups as measured by an increase in the CCRPI Progress/Achievement Gap score.


Objective 6: Continue to utilize Professional Learning Communities in grades K-12.


Objective 7: Continue full implementation of the TKES/LKES evaluation system.


Objective 8: Continue credit repair and recovery programs to provide an avenue for at-risk students to earn credits.


Objective 9: Track, review, and continue to support strategies, such as PBIS, that will improve student discipline and attendance.


Objective 10: Address technology literacy at all grade levels, with a focus on Digital Citizenship.



GOAL 2: Operations and Finance – Maintain fiscal stability and increase reserves through sound financial practices while providing safe and efficient facilities and maintenance/transportation operations.


Objective 1: Review school and district financial procedures through annual audit process and follow recommendations for improvement.


Objective 2: Provide current information of interest to stakeholders regarding the financial impact of legislation, legal challenges, and/or state and federal Department of Education requirements.


Objective 3: Provide monthly update on the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Education (ESPLOST) projects and monthly detail of ESPLOST revenues received by the school district.


Objective 4: Establish a tentative budget for the 2017-2018 School Year by June 30, 2017.


Objective 5: Post monthly/annual financial reports for the Board of Education. Post Annual Audit Reports.


Objective 6: Continue the Five-year Facility Plan and designated ESPLOST projects.


Objective 7: Utilize rating scale to evaluate the cleanliness of every school, and hire and train adequate staff to maintain system facilities.


Objective 8: Review and update emergency management plans for all Ware County School System facilities.


Objective 9: Maintain the existing Ware County Policy Manual with support as needed from the Georgia School Boards Association and/or Harben, Hartley, and Hawkins.


Objective 10: Continue to implement eco-friendly applications where beneficial.



Goal 3: Human Resources – Recruit, retain, and develop highly skilled personnel to serve the needs of each child in the Ware County School System.


Objective 1: Continue fostering school and teacher feedback via the Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Committee. Representatives will be the Teacher of the Year from each school site.


Objective 2: Implement strategies to recruit and retain the best staff and administration and adhere to the Ware County Board of Education policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, age, native language, religion, creed, genetic makeup or handicap in educational programs and activities, admission to facilities, or employment practices.


Objective 3: Partner with RESA and organizations, such as GLISI and International Center for Leadership in Education, to develop staff leadership skills and maximize potential within the Ware County Schools organization.



Goal 4: Community Involvement – Strengthen school, family, and community partnerships.


Objective 1: Continue to foster strong, positive relationships between parents, teachers, administrators, and community in conjunction with GSBA/GSSA's Vision for Public Education in Georgia by involving all stakeholders to participate in the school improvement process, providing school choice where available, and offering access to school data thru Infinite Campus Parent Portal.


Objective 2: Emphasize career and academic planning with expanded opportunities in conjunction with South Georgia State College and Coastal Pines Technical College, with continued emphasis on the BRIDGE Law.


Objective 3: Partner with the Children's Initiative to provide services which may not be otherwise available in the schools; for example, but not limited to, mentoring/tutoring programs, teenage pregnancy outreach, dropout prevention, etc., with an emphasis on School-Based Health Centers.


Objective 4: Establish goals and objectives for 2016-2017 on the Ware County School System's website and ensure significant changes are brought to the Board's attention prior to implementation.


Objective 5: Develop a timeline for Board of Education reports that demonstrate accountability and proof of success towards goals/objectives.


Objective 6: Continue usage of the Ware County Schools brand.


Objective 7: Place superintendent's annual evaluation on the Ware County School System's website.


Objective 8: Promote Ware County by showcasing student achievement and award-winning recognitions by staff and students.


Objective 9: Continue fostering stakeholder feedback via the Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee (Parent representatives from each school site will be required).